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Sustainable Livelihoods

A large percentage of India's rural population is dependent on agriculture for their livelihood and sustenance. Poverty still remains high and a quarter of India's population still remain without food security. Lack of irrigation facilities, dependence on the monsoon for agriculture and non-accessibility and unavailability of various government schemes are some of the reasons that have made agriculture an unviable occupation. This in turn has led to large scale migration of communities for better livelihood options, increase in indebtedness and an overall instability in their socio-economic conditions.

Axis Bank Foundation Livelihood Programme in some of the poorest districts of the country aims to impart positive change in people's lives by providing direct solutions to these issues. ABF's partners work in some of the most socio-economic backward states to help improve irrigation through rain water harvesting, make various government schemes accessible, create market linkages and opportunities for small enterprises and provide credit linkages with banks. Through these interventions, the foundation seeks to create systems and opportunities which will ultimately lead to employability, better income generation and self-sustenance.

With focus on Livelihood Programme, ABF aims to provide one million people with sustainable livelihood options by 2017.