People's Rural Education Movement (PREM)

State - Odisha

Districts - Gajapati, Puri

Odisha remains one of the poorest states of India with a high tribal population which substantially affects its demographic and social structure. Present in remote regions and being socially and economically underprivileged, lack of livelihood options have hit the youth or current generation the most. Apart from exclusion, unemployment afflicts the youth because majority of them are not only semiliterate or undereducated but also do not possess technical/business skills for self-employment. Those who do complete higher secondary education still lack extra qualifications necessary to fulfill the market demand for skilled workers. The primary objectives of PREM's work in the region are to provide equitable education, improve healthcare and implement livelihood and good governance initiatives among these marginalized communities, especially women.

PREM in partnership with Axis Bank Foundation works towards addressing the issue of accessibility to vocational and value based training for young girls and boys.

These trainings help them acquire skills necessary to seek skilled employment, set up enterprises of their own, take up leadership roles and introduce improved agricultural, horticultural, and animal husbandry practices in their communities. Some of these skill based trainings are Hotel Management, Computer Hardware and Software, Electronics Diploma, Nursing, Driving, Kewda Weaving, Advanced Agriculture and Village Leadership, Women (married and adolescent) Livelihood and Leadership programs. Apart from technical skills, PREM also provide them with soft skills for character development like personality, attitude, social awareness and responsibility and self-confidence which help in reinforcing their cultural identity and pride.