Sustainable Livelihoods

Watershed Management and Agricultural Productivity

are cornerstones for ABFs rural livelihood strategy that geographically focuses on the rain-fed regions in the country.

Watershed with its socio-political-ecological characteristics plays an important role in determining and realizing economic, social, and ecological security; vital in supporting progress for rural communities. Some of the key elements of the project design include watershed management, agriculture productivity enhancement, aggregation of input and produce to gain better market realization and collectivization. These are realized by building the technical capacity and capability of the communities. Directed efforts are undertaken to improve community led governance around access, equity and regeneration of natural resources that include water, common land, forest produce and market interfaces.

Women are the backbone for the development of rural economies. The project design therefor lays significant importance on strengthening their role in rural economies.

Great emphasis is given to collectivization through the SHG and Federation platforms. These collectives gradually pave the way for women taking decision regarding their lives and livelihoods. Women are not seen as mere participants, but as important stakeholders who have the local social-cultural knowledge that complements the technical knowledge brought in by the Project. These together are woven in to give women a voice in the economic decisions of the households, the community and the economy.