Annual Conferences

Annual Conference 2016

The conference was titled 'Rural Livelihood and Sustainability'. The event featured detailed discussion on water conservation and security as a means for sustaining rural livelihood, panel discussions on 'Combatting Agrarian Distress' and 'Rural Innovation' along with having the keynote speakers to provide thought-leadership through their insightful and perspectives. The talks at the conference were focused on strengthening the resilience of the rural livelihood and the idea of creating a sustainable environment. A research paper on ABF's work on water security was released in the conference. The report titled -Water- The Lifeline of Rural Livelihood is about the work supported by the Foundation in partnership with several NGO's. The research paper is a compilation of case studies on livelihood and water security. The report demonstrates various models of water conversation, security and access along with critical findings regarding impact and challenges. ABF's 2nd Annual Conference was held in Mumbai and was attended by distinguished speakers from the development sector, guests from the social sector, NGO partners and Sr. Management from Axis Bank.