an initiative to bring about change

Axis Bank believes that its contribution to the society goes far beyond providing trustworthy, reliable and excellent banking services.

The Bank considers that the driving force behind any success story is people- particularly those with various abilities, working together to create a forward momentum. Axis Bank Foundation (ABF), a registered trust was formed in 2006 to take this momentum to the community and enable inclusive and equitable economic growth. ABFs initial programs focused on education and highway trauma care.

Over the years, Foundation has evolved its approach to meet the contemporary needs of the society and aligned all its activities under a unified program aimed at creating sustainable livelihoods.

Under this overarching goal of 'Sustainable Livelihoods', ABF creates opportunities for small, marginal farmers and landless to enhance their incomes from agri and agri allied, natural resource management, livestock, linkages for finance and markets. ABF also looks at providing vocational skills for able and disabled unemployed youth in urban and rural India. ABF partners with several likeminded Not-For-Profit organizations to co-create need based programs.

The Journey


Celebrated a decade of creating sustainable livelihoods in rural India


Launched Mission 2 Million - our goal to meaningfully impact 2 million households by 2027

2012 - 2017

Supported 1 million livelihoods in establishing steady sources of income and moving towards financial security


Designed and launched the Sustainable Livelihoods Programme to support and encourage rural communities to create a basket of livelihoods

2007 - 2010

Expanded to support projects for skill development and training of Persons with Disabilities (PwDs)


Axis Bank Foundation established with the aim to support interventions in education and highway trauma care.